This is the place where I share my thoughts on UFOs, religion, and other subjects dear to my heart.

My perspective:  That UFOs, like religion, are a human phenomenon.  They have nothing to do with space travel or life on other planets.  They’re about us–our hopes, our longings, our terrors.  Particularly the greatest terror of all: the end of our existence.

Are they alien visitors?  Yes; but not in the sense of coming from outer space.  Inside our own minds, our own souls, there’s enough alienness to fill a universe.  Some of it is emerging …

With messages for us?  Perhaps.  We just need to learn to decode them.

by David Halperin
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15 Responses to “Welcome”

  • Hello,

    …Enjoyed your UFO novel. Am amazed at certain synchronicities. Also, love your idea

    about UFOs being from INNER space! Would like to know what you think of my recent paper

    on Psychological Aspects of UFO-ology…and my Unified Field theOry (UFO) which goes,

    simply, like this:

    Stars are Orgasms
    , in other words,
    Divine Love
    Proof of God

    If you’re interested, you may go to my googleblog site richmotyka.blogspot.com for more

    information. By the way, in J. Allen Hynek’s book “The UFO Experience”, my UFO sighting

    can be found on page 14, dated January 19, 1967, which I NOW like to call a Close

    Encounter of the Make-Believe Kind…Any feedback would be welcome…


    Rich Motyka

  • David:

    Thanks for posting, Rich! People should know that your paper can be found on richmotyka.blogspot.com.
    My own orientation is rather more materialistic than yours. I’d see stars as … well, stars. (Just as, in my July 17 post on Walt Whitman, I sympathized with the anonymous student who answered the poet’s question, “What is the grass?” with “Isn’t it grass?”) But others will perhaps have different responses. I welcome them, and will post them here.
    On p. 14 of “The UFO Experience,” the late Dr. Hynek writes: “Finally we have this plaintive appeal (from a letter to Blue Book describing a sighting of a cigar-shaped object on January 19, 1967): ‘Although I am only a child, please believe me.’ ”
    What do you mean when you call that a “Close Encounter of the Make-Believe Kind”?

  • …So glad to hear from you. Being older and, hopefully, wiser has found me more skeptical,

    or maybe just gently cynical. My UFO report was so long ago that maybe I can’t actually

    separate fact from fiction about it…As I recall, I was a 10 years old cadet at Saint Joseph’s

    Military Academy in LaGrange, IL (west of Chicago) walking west through a corridor when I

    spotted an old nun looking northward through a window. Did I actually see the bright white

    light hovering just above the forest treetops across the football field? Or was it just a figment

    of my imagination, something more psychological than physical? Today, I favor the

    psychological explanation…Who doesn’t like feeling special? Being a hearing child of deaf

    parents gave me a certain type of alienation to deal with. I had my UFO book collection and

    what an honor to be in Doctor Hynek’s book “The UFO Experience”…

  • Many thanks for your response, Rich. Your openness has touched me deeply.
    Are you familiar with the work of Matt Graeber, on the psychological dimensions of UFO sightings? If you’re not, I think you’d find his articles very interesting, in comparison with your experience. Have a look at http://magonia.haaan.com/2009/experiences/ and http://magonia.haaan.com/2010/raefield/; let me know what you think.

  • …Thanks for the info. Growing up, my favorite writers included Carl Jung and Alan Watts (the

    “Hippie Philosopher”). To me, both were religious mystics who had very compelling visions

    of reality, magical realists at heart…Today, UFO-ology seems to be taken for what it is by

    most people-psychological dramatizations (to paraphrase Matt Graeber) of some sort, not to

    minimize any importance…I’m finding your own work very interesting. Religion fascinates

    me also because it seems truth is stranger than fiction…

  • …Magonia (“Land of Magicians” “Whirlwind”) reminds me of the Land of Oz (“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”), perhaps not an original idea, but nonetheless. Dorothy (in yet another Quaternity, 1 female + 3 male counterparts) reaches Oz via tornado or whirlwind (kind of like the tunnel of Near-Death Experiences which may lead to “The Light at the end of the tunnel”). After the movie goes Technicolor, Glinda, the Good Witch, appears as a Light (like a UFO). The search for God (the Wizard of Oz) commences. When the challenge is met, God (the Wizard) is shown to be a humbug (like Christ, and by inference, Jehovah and Mohammed… when deconstructed and shown to be human after all) yet, after all, Dorothy learns about her OWN Power and how to use IT realizing that there’s no place like OM (the Eternal Present)…I still consider The Wizard of Oz (which seems to have made itself) The Greatest Movie of All Time. Of course, another Great Movie was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. As I see it, these movies share similar themes with the Hero/Heroine on a quest for redemption (aren’t we all?) and redeeming their/our lives with meaning…

    • David:

      Amen, amen! Thank you so much for your comments!
      I hadn’t thought of the 3+1 Quaternity in the Wizard of Oz, although now that you point it out I can see it’s there.
      What struck me about the Wizard of Oz, about the fifth or sixth time I saw it, was how at the end it undercuts the profundity of its own message: Dorothy’s transformative experience is dismissed as a dream, and we’re reassured that “there’s no place like home.” Any thoughts on this?

  • …Much like an NDE this “dream” (We know better) gives Dorothy new meaning to her life at home in Kansas. She recognizes beings from the now Spirit Land of Oz “You were there and you…”, has grown in wisdom and affirms the meaning of her adventure (Let me try, that Here and Now, “hOMe”, this Present, this mOMent is a gift for everyone and contains Wonderful potential if one knows how to use IT!)…

  • Betty Elliott:

    David, I just learned of your website from my friend and chorus leader Kathleen Hannan. I so enjoyed the Kris Kringle post. Your thoughts and research helped me tie together some confusing images of Christmas into a wonderful kaleidoscope of loving and Christ- within images. I especially love the thoughts on the old man and the baby, the annual renewal/rebirth messages of this season. I hope to see you and Rose at Unity on Christmas Eve. With love and peace,Betty

    P.S. I would like to encourage you to submit the Kris Kringle post to the Unity newsletter at the church. They have encouraged us to send in our writings. If you send it in by email in the next few days, it could go in the newsletter before the new year, assuming they are doing one next week.

  • I think we have had visitors for a long time attempting to give some sort of message.

    But for many of us we probably get carried away at any lights we see in the sky and convince ourselves they are alien craft.

  • Dave Mowers:

    I think I saw you at the last meetup group event. So look, I am not sure of the mathematics but I think you can explain the strange lights and behavior of some “UFO”s by an already known and proven theorem.

    In essence light from the Sun travels constant and yet “forward” through time and constant; this is key, a constant light source or energy in a stable level.

    So, we can send a constant light source in a stable level through a piece of spun glass right?

    …but a vacuum can send light at the same rate as a piece of glass, in fact even slightly faster because it is moving instantly between points of absorption. Glass slows it down.

    What if those “points” are in time? See, if they are in “time” one could travel BOTH ways but not in the physical sense; only in the viewing sense. So that if I open a portal on my end to “view” the past the “past” will see what?

    A window? A moving porthole that gyrates erratically because the planet and solar system is moving over time and across vast amounts of time the “porthole” will “move” acting like a “flying saucer.” This explains why no physical evidence exists; they are not “here” they are watching us from somewhere else in time. It correctly fits Einstein’s hypothesis.

    Have you ever seen a light bulb shine without being hooked up to a circuit? The energy reaches the bulb and is absorbed before the circuit is made. When we turn on a bulb it appears instantaneous right? Unless energy is being transmitted wirelessly at the same time. In space a light bulb doesn’t need a plug or wire. Cosmic rays are absorbed instantly and light happens.

    So maybe “time” just “happens.”

    Therefore the “aliens” are “us.”

    • David Halperin:

      Dave, I can’t comment on most of what you’ve said. But I do agree with your conclusion: the “aliens” are us.
      Thanks for posting.

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